Jon Gomm

«What the NV Tone mic offers to the guitarist is more than just a great mic, it’s basically a chance to take your existing sound, and upgrade it to a new level. So whatever pickup you’re using right now, you can transform it from an OK sound to the most hi-fi, professional-level imaginable.

Installation is very very simple, just using the supplied tape. The gooseneck is perfect: Once you position it, it stays put and makes no noise. Wonderful. Connect it to one channel of the rechargeable preamp, and plug your existing pickup (if you have one) into the other channel, and that’s it.

Every frequency on the entire spectrum of your guitar is covered. The treble truly sparkles, it is clear and beautiful, and this is what will revolutionise the tone of your instrument. Obviously being a mic it’s great for percussive work, but it’s the true acoustic realism that really shines here. This is a studio mic, inside your guitar.»