Who We Are

NV Tone® (New Vox Tone) is an international audio-electronic research & development company,  manufacturer for the global market. Each guitar has its unique voice, and our goal is to give great tools to capture each tone as it sounds in life 

Our mission

We thrive to give musicians of all levels of total freedom of play. We are producing simple to use products with studio-quality sound, which allow creating their own guitar tone.

Our essence

We are placing impossible goals to implement new solutions for guitar players all over the world. Our team has designed our products to be long-lasting and eco-friendly.

Our promise

Our products match all international standards. In addition, our company retains responsibility before and after the product purchase, even after the end of warranty.

Our vibe

NV Tone team consists of engineers, musicians, and designers from around the world. We are crazy about sound and wish to make our fellow musician’s life a better one.

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