Justin Johnson

«Whenever I’m in the studio, I always prefer to blend the acoustic tone of a guitar with the tone from the guitar’s pickup in order to fatten the sound and give myself more control over how the guitar sits in the mix. With the NV Tone system, I can have the same control over my tone when I play on stage. NV Tone gives me the ability to close-mic an acoustic instrument, and blend the acoustic tone with the signal from the guitar pickup, giving me that “studio sound” in a small, portable, battery-powered package. The controls and accessories are intuitive and very well thought out, and the mounting design and wiring for the mic allow me to mic up a guitar without modifying or drilling into the instrument. I also use the NV Tone mic and preamp on mandolin, resonator guitars, and anything else I want to close-mic in the studio. Because the mic is attached to the guitar, you never have to worry about bumping into the mic in close mic’ed situations.»